You open your eyes in the morning, and the first thought that crosses your mind is, “you should get up, it’s early,” but you prefer to keep sleeping. Then the thought comes to you that you have to go to work, and immediately you remember that you no longer enjoy it because your boss bothers you. Or because you don’t like your work environment, or because the clients you deal with are quite a pain in the neck – anyway, reasons and reasons to prefer sleeping.

I wonder, what emotion arises within you when you have these thoughts? I guess to think it might be sadness, laziness, lack of enthusiasm, indifference, and even frustration, right? And reality reminds you that you have no choice! You must get up if you want to move forward in life.

Have you ever thought that you’ve commanded your brain to embrace these kinds of thoughts? Even worst, you’ve done it so well that it has become a habit. Again, you’ve instructed your brain to have these repetitive thoughts that put you in unresourceful states, be it laziness, lack of enthusiasm, or frustration. Of course, you’ve done it unconsciously; it’s not something you consciously want. Well, I have good news for you – just as you’ve trained your brain to have these repetitive thoughts that put you in unresourceful states, you can retrain it to practice thoughts that put you in resourceful states, that energize you. Yes, you can do it.

Start giving new meaning to what you do today, especially when you can’t make changes right now because you lack resources, opportunity, or commitments that require it. Ask yourself what new meaning you can give to that boss you don’t like today, think about what positive intention might be behind their behavior. Imagine seeing them from a different angle; you might see something you don’t see today. In the case of your coworkers, ask yourself, is it them, or is it me? Am I viewing them from a perspective that doesn’t allow me to see other aspects that could be positive? Regarding your clients, what do they need that I haven’t given them, and by providing it, could they respond differently?

What I’m proposing, with the desire for you to lead your brain, are different perspectives on a reality that doesn’t currently inspire you. A reality that, in some way, you’ve created, but you have the power to recreate.

Assess the quality of your thoughts and notice how they make you feel. Do they make you sad or happy? Do they drain your energy or empower you? If you begin consciously giving new meanings to things that are beyond your control – because accept that there are many things you cannot control, but you can control what you think and feel about them – you’ll start to realize that you are the captain of your life, not your emotions that come from thoughts you habitually practice.

Start creating new and powerful thoughts and practice thinking about them whenever you can, and you’ll see the effect they have on you. You are the creator of the meanings about everything that happens in your life; therefore, my invitation to you is to “Empower yourself, manage your emotions, and transform your life,” and you will only achieve that by managing your thoughts.