I can say with complete certainty that entering the world of coaching after closing a chapter of 23 years in a multinational and multicultural corporate life has been the best thing that could have happened to me. Currently, I am leveraging all the experience acquired during that chapter and putting it at the service of people who are experiencing processes similar to those I went through. Now, from the role of someone who listens and accompanies, and by applying coaching methodology, I can serve my clients.

This practice, combined with tools from Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Neuro-Semantics, provides my clients with distinctions that allow them to clarify their professional path. They identify their limitations, which are fundamentally their own beliefs adopted throughout their lives, and thus generate the necessary change to empower themselves and achieve the results they have always desired. They observe that all change starts within them to be materialized in their work environment. We live interacting from our internal world with the external world.

I share some client experiences that exemplify how important and useful it is to take a break to “sharpen the saw” and continue advancing in professional development.

A high-level executive at a contact center sought me out because she felt, through various daily experiences, that she was not capable of handling the position she had been promoted to. From the first session, she began to find personal resources that were already within her but that, due to her biases, she neither saw nor put into practice. By identifying them, she empowered herself to have conversations with better results, daring to provide feedback to both peers and superiors. This also allowed her to be open to receiving feedback necessary to adjust her performance and achieve her objectives. Additionally, she realized that each person is different, leading her to observe them and apply different strategies for each one, thus increasing the performance of her team members.

In Costa Rica, we are assisting a company in transforming its organizational culture. In a coaching session with one of the N1 level managers, it was gratifying to see how she became aware that her way of responding to challenges did not help her colleagues align with the expected behaviors, which they themselves had defined in one of our workshops. By generating internal change, she achieved better communication with her team, understanding that each person has their own style, and that integrating as a multidisciplinary team was the only way to achieve their strategic objectives.

Finally, a highly successful executive in his business realized that his way of thinking and acting was very useful for achieving results in his company, but he maintained the same style at home with his teenage daughters, causing family friction. He understood that what worked in the company did not necessarily work in the family, so he became flexible in his behavior according to the environment he was in.

In short, I could continue giving countless examples of all the successful processes I have been blessed to experience thanks to a structured and effective methodology like Meta-Coaching.

I invite you to take the step and discover for yourself the transformative impact of coaching in your professional and personal life. Enroll in a coaching program and start maximizing your potential today. The change you desire begins now!